Custom Pilates Equipment

Love Pilates but hate the price of the equipment?  Let Pilate On Designs build equipment for you

Solid wood frames with modern lite weight, portable designs.

Reformers:   studio or rehab heights, including adjustable foot and spring bar, built in standing platform, cotton foot/hand loops, adjustable ropes and risers and 5 springs with tensions of your choice.  Long box additional charge. Starting at $3500.00.





Stability Chairs:  solid wood ‘exo’ frame cut out side panels make this piece lighter and easier to move, two heavy springs in a single or split pedal design, custom heights. Handles at an extra charge.  Starting at $650.00.


Ladder Barrels:    Classic design following original format, sliding base to accommodate different heights or leg lengths, standard black upholstery with double padding for extra comfort.  Vertical and horizontal padded foot plates extra.  Starting at $1089.00.


Spine Correctors: Following classical design format but with an elongated arch to fit more body sizes, standard black upholstery with double padding for extra comfort.  Addition of sockets and spring arms for resistance based repertoire additional charge.
Starting at $390.00.

Arc Barrels:  Classic design, light weight, with standard black upholstery.
Starting at $145.00.