As we heal a space opens up and fills with joy.

Surrender is a most beautiful word. It is powerful and nurturing healing us as it provides both strength and compassion. As we understand the essence and meaning of the word surrender through out hearts, we begin to transform. As we transform internally the external world changes. “As within, as without”.

How to surrender is many faceted. The word itself has two parts. First we begin to release what is held by the mind, body and spirit. The release can be facilitated through focus and breath awareness. Along with this focus, the breath is brought to the forefront, causing the breath as the guide in scanning the physical sensations, mental thoughts and emotional feelings.

 With the release, an acceptance of “what is” happening is important. When we release and accept and embrace life in any moment we are surrendering. It leaves us open to the moment, to being completely present. With continuous practice of surrendering we build the ability to heal. As we heal, the space that opens up is filled with joy.


 Surrender, heal and be in joy. 

By Irum Naqvi Master Yoga Teacher, part of Rancho Margot an Eco-tourism Ranch Project in Costa Rica

From: The Vital Psoas Muscle, Connecting Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being, by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, Lotus Publishing, 2012.


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