What is the #1 unsung benefit of the Pilates method? Five top Pilate bloggers respond.

Andrea Maida a Pilates instructor and educator trained by a Romana Kryzanowska an original student of Joeseph Pilates, poses a question to the top five bloggers of the Pilates community

Q1: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates method?

We have all heard the standard list of benefits of a consistent Pilates regimen. Highlights include long lean muscles, better posture, a nice butt and – gosh we hope so – a six-pack wall of abdominal muscles. However, there are numerous huge benefits that nobody really talks about. So aside from the aesthetics and the hype (albeit well-deserved and the truth), what other rewards can your Pilates workout give you?

5 Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question #1. Jennifer Kries, jenniferkries.com/blog

Jennifer: For me, the unsung benefit is the remarkable mood-boosting that occurs from a workout. Each and every time, I experience a radical transformation in how I feel mentally, which to me is directly connected to that incredible feeling of space and ease and aliveness in the body after a Pilates session.

5 Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#2 Benjamin Degenhardt, benjamindegenhardt.com/articles

Benjamin: One of my favorite aspects of practicing Pilates is the built-in massage. I can’t count the times I went into my practice wishing I went to a spa instead, but leaving just as rejuvenated as if I did – if not more. Because of the way we move the body in Pilates, it truly massages itself. As Joe Pilates said: “the entire body is wrung-out like a wet towel.” What other workout will do that for you?

5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#3 Kara Wilykarawilypilates.com/blog

Kara: I think that in the Pilates technique I get a little microcosm of life.  I have challenges that I meet, a work ethic to manifest, discipline, fun, joy in my accomplishments.  I must take personal responsibility for getting done what only I have power to control and to change.  These are really powerful concepts that I am just starting to understand that I have explored just in dealing with my physical body and it does help me to then to practice these principles in other aspects of my life.

5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#4 Marguerite Ogle, pilates.about.com

1st post 2006

Marguerite: There are a lot of benefits of Pilates that may have been considered unsung a while ago but are getting attention now — mostly because of the proliferation of Pilates articles online. Things like better sleep or sex, and importantly the body/mind/spirit connection are examples. So I’m going to go with the fact that Pilates is an interesting and beneficial companion for life. Pilates is not like a sport or fitness method that has a peak and then you go downhill. How one practices — the level of challenge, the equipment, the venue — might change, but Pilates movement principles remain viable and supportive of good health throughout ones life.

5 Top Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#5 Shari Berkowitz, theverticalworkshop.wordpress.com

Shari: The consumer doesn’t realize that he/she is actually going to develop an entirely new way of life. Pilates is more than a workout, but a lifestyle of sorts. The actions for increased stability and mobility that you do in the 55 minute workout go with you when you leave the studio…and become the actions of your life! It’s always a beautiful surprise to the clients when they realize that this is more than a simple workout.


Samantha Reed https://pilateon.wordpress.com

Samantha:   And to me the #1 unsung benefit of Pilates method?  It’s attention to detail.  Coming from a background of scientific analysis or the biomechanics lab at U of  T we were all about studying the details of human movement; angles of pull (or force), length of moment arms and how slight changes in these could make big differences in strength and performance.  When I discovered the Pilates method it seemed too good to be true.  A method which focused on the alignment details of the total body.  Furthermore, it was more restorative than competitive.  It gave you personal details on how to improve your body, making you feel great, focused and energized not exhausted and spent.  After years of competitive sports and labour intensive work it was the perfect workout or “therapy” to not only ease aching muscles and joints but to improve them.  Thus making work and sport feel better the next day and may I dare say, more effortless!


Pilates program for youth.

Pilates is appropriate for anyone no matter if you are coordinated or not, athletic or not, injured or not, young or old.  The youtube video below follows a class of 5th graders as they go through a Pilates program conducted with the Pilates Method Alliance.

It shows how consistent practice of Pilates, taught properly,  benefits everyone in the class – no matter what their body type.   The testimonials of the students are incredible to hear.  They are so matter of fact and straight forward about the positive effects of Pilates.  Truly inspirational!

play video

Pilates in the School: Pilot Program youtube.com

Fifth graders taking part in a Pilates program in Southern California.