Alan Herdman – Pilates elder

I was taught Pilates from an instructor who had instruction from Stott and Alan Herdman of London England.  Alan is a Pilates elder and is part of the Pilates mentor-ship program called “Passing the Torch” sponsored by Balanced Body.  They have brought together the “best of the best” Pilates instructors to help shape the generation of leaders in the Pilates community.   A program for experienced Pilates teachers who would like to deepen their work through in-depth study with a Master Teacher.  To share our Pilates knowledge, grow and develop our community.

Alan will also be presenting on Pilates anytime website in the spring of 2013.  If you haven’t visited this amazing Pilates instruction site – please do!  You can take a class with some of the best instructors from around the world –  see the various Pilates instruction styles covering mat, chair, reformer and cadillac.   If you question your Pilates class at the local recreation center check this site out and see how the pros do it!

Alan Herdman – Master Pilates Apprenticeship Program


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